Hey Coronavirus,

       How dare you?! What’s your deal? For nothing, you’ve taken the lives of so many innocents. One by one you’ve been damaging countries all over the world. You’ve taken the world by storm, and not in a good way. Just stop! What is your mission? To simply kill? Pure evil. You’ve left thousands jobless. You’ve left thousands in tears. People are panicking, sobbing because they don’t know what to do next. You’re a cancer to the world. We didn’t deserve any of this. Your arrival has changed everything so abruptly. No one knows why. You don’t even know why. I know you’re going to be here for a while, and all I’m asking is for you not to overstay your welcome. You don’t belong here. You’re a crook. You’re a killer. Please, leave all of us alone! Leave! We all just want to live happily. We just want to live life. That’s all! You’re taking our lives away from us! Please, stop! Go away and never come back! That is a simple request.

Coronavirus, please be gone much sooner rather than later.

IG and Twitter: @Token0830

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